1300 B.C.
-1300 XX XX Pangeng moved the capital of Shang Dynasty to Yin.
-1300 XX XX Khuman-Numena becomes King of Elam.
-1300 XX XX Vashasatta becomes King of Mitanni.
-1300 XX XX Rise of the Urnfield culture.
-1300 XX XX Some people of "Eastern Woodlands" begin to build massive earthworks, mounds of earth and stone. Poverty Point, Louisiana is the earliest one.
-1300 XX XX Construction begins on the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, Greece
-1300 XX XX Construction begins on the palace at Pylos.
-1300 XX XX Warrior wase, from Mycenae, Ancient Greece, is made.
-1300 XX XX Abimilki becomes King of Tyre.

1296 B.C.
-1295 XX XX Suchi becomes King of the Magadha.

1295 B.C.
-1295 XX XX Muwatalli II becomes King of the Hittites.

1292 B.C.
-1292 XX XX Rameses I becomes the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt's 19th dynasty.
XXXX XX XX Ex 2:1-10 HOLY BIBLE MOSES born, rescued by Pharaoh's daughter.

1290 B.C.
-1290 XX XX Seti I becomes Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty of Egypt.

1285 B.C.
-1285 XX XX Demul becomes the monarch of Gojoseon.

1282 B.C.
-1282 XX XX Aegeus becomes King of Athens.

1281 B.C.
-1281 XX XX Seti I opens new rock quarries at Aswan to build his obelisks and statues.
-XXXX XX XX Ex 2:11-14 HOLY BIBLE Moses slays an Egyptian

1280 B.C.
-1280 XX XX Kadašman-Turgu becomes King of Babylon.
-1280 XX XX Sattuara II becomes King of Mitanni.

1279 B.C.
-1279 05 31 Ramesses II becomes Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty in Egypt.
-1279 XX XX Temple of Ramesses II is built in Abu Simbel, Nubia.
-1279 XX XX Construction begins on the temple of Amun, Mut and Khons, Luxor in Egypt.
-XXXX XX XX Ex 2:15-25 HOLY BIBLE Moses flees, marries Zipporah, Pharaoh dies

1278 B.C.
-1278 XX XX Finnachta becomes High King of Ireland.
-1278 XX XX Ramesses II defeats the Shardana sea pirates..

-XXXX XX XX Ex 3 HOLY BIBLE God calls Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt
Ex 4 HOLY BIBLE God gives Moses the signs, and Moses returns to Egypt
Ex 5 HOLY BIBLE Moses and Aaron's first audience before Pharaoh
Ex 6 HOLY BIBLE God answers Moses' complaint, and genealogy of Moses and Aaron
Moses 80
Aaron 83
Ex 7 HOLY BIBLE Aaron performs the first sign for Pharaoh
Ex 8 HOLY BIBLE Plagues of frogs, flies, and gnats in Egypt
Ex 9 HOLY BIBLE Plague on livestock, and plagues of boils and hail
Ex 10 HOLY BIBLE Plagues of locust and darkness
Ex 11 HOLY BIBLE Moses warns Pharaoh of the death of Egypt's first born sons

1275 B.C.
-1275 XX XX Untash-Naprisha becomes King of Elam.
-1275 XX XX
Egypt 430
Ex 12:1-28 HOLY BIBLE The Passover and death of the first born Egyptian sons

1274 B.C.
-1274 XX XX Shalmaneser I becomes King of Assyria.
-1274 07 XX WAR Battle of Kadesh in Syria.

1272 B.C.
-1272 XX XX Mursili III becomes king of the Hittite empire.

1270 B.C.

1267 B.C.
-1267 XX XX Hattusili III becomes King of the Hittites.

1266 B.C.
-1266 XX XX 두홀 (Duhol) becomes monarch of Gojoseon.

1262 B.C.
-1262 XX XX Kadašman-Enlil II becomes King of Babylon

1260 B.C.
-1260 XX XX Ammittamru II becomes King of Ugarit.

1257 B.C.
-1257 XX XX Sláno becomes High King of Ireland.

Ex 12:29-51 HOLY BIBLE The Passover
Ex 13 HOLY BIBLE Dedication of the first born
Ex 14 HOLY BIBLE Parting of the Red Sea
Ex 15 HOLY BIBLE Song of Moses and the Hebrews
2 mos. 15 days Ex 16 HOLY BIBLE God privides Manna
Ex 17 HOLY BIBLE Water from the rock
Ex 18 HOLY BIBLE Jethro visits Moses
3 months Ex 19 HOLY BIBLE Mount Sinai

1254 B.C.
-1254 XX XX Kudur-Enlil becomes King of Babylon.

1250 B.C.

1245 B.C.
-1245 XX XX Shagarakti-Shuriash becomes King of Babylon.

1244 B.C.
-1244 XX XX Ramesses II marries Bintanath and Meritamen, who are also his daughters.
-1244 XX XX Tukulti-Ninurta I becomes King of Assyria.

1241 B.C.
-1241 XX XX Géde Ollgothach becomes High King of Ireland.

1240 B.C.
-1240 XX XX Unpatar-Naprisha becomes King of the Elamites.

1238 B.C.
-1238 XX XX 달음 (Dareum) becomes monarch of Gojoseon
-1238 XX XX Kshemya becomes King of Magadha

1237 B.C.
-1237 XX XX Tudhaliya IV becomes King of the Hittite Empire.

??1220 B.C.??
-1220 XX XX HOMER vs. LISA AND THE 8TH COMMANDMENT (Opening sequence)
Ex 20 HOLY BIBLE The Ten Commandments
Ex 21 HOLY BIBLE Laws concerning slavery
Ex 22 HOLY BIBLE Laws of moral responsibility
Ex 23 HOLY BIBLE Laws of justice and mercy
Ex 24 HOLY BIBLE Covenant is sealed
Ex 25 HOLY BIBLE Offerings for the Tabernacle
Ex 26 HOLY BIBLE The plan for the Tabernacle
Ex 27 HOLY BIBLE Altar and burnt sacrifices
Ex 28 HOLY BIBLE Vestments for the priests
Ex 29 HOLY BIBLE Ordination of Aaron and his sons
Ex 30 HOLY BIBLE Altar of incense, bronze basin
Ex 31 HOLY BIBLE Artisans for the Tabernacle
Ex 32 HOLY BIBLE The golden calf
Ex 33 HOLY BIBLE God commands Israel away
Ex 34 HOLY BIBLE New Tablets of the Law
Ex 35 HOLY BIBLE Sabbath law, materials gathered
Ex 36 HOLY BIBLE Construction of the Tabernacle
Ex 37 HOLY BIBLE The Ark of the Covenant
Ex 38 HOLY BIBLE Construction of the altar
Ex 39 HOLY BIBLE Creation of priestly vestments
1 year Ex 40 HOLY BIBLE Teberancle erected and annointed

??1271 B.C.??
-1271 XX XX 2-1-02 HOLY BIBLE NUMBERS Chapter 33

1235 B.C.
-1235 XX XX Kiddin-Khutran becomes King of Elam.
-1235 XX XX Ibiranu II becomes King of Ugarit.
-1235 XX XX 11-1-40 HOLY BIBLE DEUTERONOMY Joshua 85
Jos 1 HOLY BIBLE God commands Joshua to lead Israel into Canaan
Jos 2 HOLY BIBLE Joshua sends spies into Canaan
Jos 3 HOLY BIBLE Israel crosses the Jordan
Jos 4 HOLY BIBLE Twelve memorial stones are set up
Jos 5 HOLY BIBLE The Israelite men are circumcised at Gilgal
Jos 6 HOLY BIBLE The fall of Jericho
Jos 7 HOLY BIBLE Achan defies the ban and is punished
Jos 8 HOLY BIBLE The battle and destruction of Ai
Jos 9 HOLY BIBLE The Gibeonites deceive Israel and make a treaty
Jos 10 HOLY BIBLE Five Amorite kings make war on Gibeon
Jos 11 HOLY BIBLE Israel victorious over the northern Canaanite kings
Jos 12 HOLY BIBLE List of the kings conquered by Israel
Jos 13 HOLY BIBLE Territory remaining to be conquered

1234 B.C.
-1234 XX XX Aegeus, King of Athens commits suicide. Theseus becomes King.

1232 B.C.
-1232 XX XX Kaštiliaš IV becomes King of Babylon.

1231 B.C.
-1231 XX XX Fíachu Findoilches becomes High King of Ireland.
-1231 XX XX Telephus is born in Arcadia.

1230 B.C.
-1230 XX XX WAR Battle of Nihriya Hittites vs. Assyria
-1230 XX XX Aribas becomes King of Tyre.
-1230 XX XX Jos 14 HOLY BIBLE Division of the land west of the Jordan
Jos 15 HOLY BIBLE Territory allotted to the tribe of Judah
Jos 16 HOLY BIBLE Territory allotted to the tribe of Ephraim
Jos 17 HOLY BIBLE Territory allotted to West Manasseh
Jos 18 HOLY BIBLE Division of the rest of the land
Jos 19 HOLY BIBLE Territory allotted to the tribe of Simeon
Jos 20 HOLY BIBLE Designation of the cities of refuge
Jos 21 HOLY BIBLE Cities of the Levites
Jos 22 HOLY BIBLE Joshua sends the eastern tribes home
Jos 23 HOLY BIBLE Joshua's farewell speech to Israel

1225 B.C.
-1225 XX XX The legendary Helen of Troy is born.
-1225 XX XX Hyllus, earliest known Illyrian King dies.

1224 B.C.
-1224 XX XX 음차 (Eumcha) becomes King of Gojoseon.
-1224 XX XX Enlil-nadin-šumi becomes King of Babylon.

1221 B.C.
-1221 XX XX Adad-šuma-iddina becomes King of Babylon.

1220 B.C.
-1220 XX XX Niqmaddu III becomes King of Ugarit.
-1220 XX XX Baal-Termeg becomes King of Tyre.

1215 B.C.
-1215 XX XX Adad-šuma-usur becomes King of Babylon
-1215 XX XX Ammurapi becomes King of Ugarit

1213 B.C.
-1213 XX XX EGYPT Merneptah becomes Pharaoh of Egypt.

1210 B.C.
-1210 XX XX Jos 24 HOLY BIBLE The Covenant renewed at Shechem, and the death of Joshua
-1210 XX XX Subrata becomes King of Magadha

1209 B.C.
-1209 XX XX WAR Pharaoh Merneptah defeats a Libyan invasion.
-1209 XX XX Berngal becomes High King of Ireland.
-1209 XX XX Arnuwanda III becomes King of the Hittite Empire.

1207 B.C.
-1207 XX XX Ashur-nadin-apli becomes King of Assyria.
-1209 XX XX Suppiluliuma II becomes King of the Hittite Empire.

1205 B.C.
-1205 XX XX 을우지 (Euruji) becomes King of Gojoseon.
-1205 XX XX Khallutush-In-Shushinak becomes King of Elam.

1204 B.C.
-1204 XX XX Menestheus becomes King of Athens.

1203 B.C.
-1203 XX XX Amenmesse and Seti II are rival Pharaohs in Egypt.
-1203 XX XX Ashur-nirari III becomes King of Assyria.

120X B.C.
-120X XX XX Tale of Two Brothers


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