17XX XX XX Walton’s Letters
1773 XX XX I Victor’s father married, Elizabeth adopted.
II Victor meets Henry, studies Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus
1793 XX XX III Victor’s mother dies of scarlet fever, he attends Ingolstadt, meets M. Waldman. (2 years)
IV Victor flourishes in his studies, begins to build a man.
V Reanimant is brought to life and flees, Victor abandons work and has a breakdown. Clerval comes to Ingolstadt.
VI Elizabeth writes, Victor awaits a date for his return home.
VII Young William is murdered, Justine is accused. Victor sees the creature by the lake.
VIII Justine is tried and executed.
IX Aftermath of the execution, Victor travels North.
X Victor sees the monster in the mountains, follows to a cabin.
XI The creature begins to tell his tale. He observes a family.
XII The creature observes the cottagers.
XIII The creature observes the cottagers.
XIV The history of the Arabian.
XV The creature finds books, he enters the cottage and is chased away.
XVI The creature heads South for Geneva. He tells of the murder of William, ending his tale.
XVII The creature asks for a female
XVIII After a delay, Victor and Henry travel to London.
XIX Victor and Henry travel to Scotland, Victor’s work nears completion.
XX Victor breaks his promise to the creature.
XXI Victor is charged and aquitted for Henry’s muder.
XXII Victor and Elizabeth are married.
XXIII Elizabeth is murdered, Victor vows revenge.
XXIV Victor chases creature into Arctic Ocean and dies.

Donnie Love
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