Exact dates from this century are unknown and are approximated here.

1100 B.C.
-1100 XX XX GREEK DARK AGES begin.
-1100 XX XX The hypothetical Dorian invasion.
-1100 XX XX Mycenaean civilization ends.

1099 B.C.
-1099 XX XX Di Yi (帝乙) orders Nanzhong (南仲) to fight Kun Barbarians (昆夷).
-1099 XX XX Di Yi (帝乙) builds Sufang City (朔方).

1091 B.C.
-1091 XX XX House-list Papyrus is compiled.

1089 B.C.
-1089 XX XX Codrus becomes King of Athens.

1088 B.C.
-1088 XX XX Ramesses XI inaugurates a triumvirate, with Herihor ruling Thebes and Upper Egypt and Smendes controlling Lower Egypt.

1084 B.C.
-1084 XX XX Egypt’s Era of Renaissance begins.

1082 B.C.
-1082 XX XX 장혜왕 (Janghye) becomes a King of Gojoseon.
-1082 XX XX Marduk-šapik-zeri becomes King of Babylon.

1079 B.C.
-1079 XX XX Piankh succeeds Herihor as High Priest of Amun.

1077 B.C.
-1077 XX XX Smendes becomes Pharaoah of Egypt.

1076 B.C.
-1076 XX XX Asharid-apal-Ekur becomes King of Assyria.

1075 B.C.
-1075 XX XX 帝辛 (Di Xin) becomes King of China.
-1075 XX XX Papyrus BM 10054 is compiled.

1074 B.C.
-1074 XX XX Ashur-bel-kala becomes King of Assyria.
-1074 XX XX Piankh, High Priest of Amun returns to Egypt from Nubia.

1070 B.C.

-1070 XX XX Egypt enters its Third Intermediate Period.
-1070 XX XX Kush becomes an independent kingdom.

1069 B.C.
-1069 XX XX Adad-apla-iddina becomes King of Babylon.

1068 B.C.
-1068 XX XX Μέδωνας (Medon) becomes Archon of Athens.

1059 B.C.
-1059 XX XX Sumati becomes King of Magadha.

1057 B.C.
-1057 XX XX 경효왕 (Gyeonghyo) becomes a King of Gojoseon.

1056 B.C.
-1056 XX XX Eriba-Adad II becomes King of Assyria.

1054 B.C.
-1054 XX XX Shamshi-Adad IV becomes King of Assyria.

1051 B.C.
-1051 XX XX Amenemnisu becomes Pharaoah of Egypt.

1050 B.C.
-1050 XX XX Ashurnasirpal I becomes King of Assyria.

1048 B.C.
-1048 XX XX Acastus becomes Archon of Athens.

1047 B.C.
-1047 XX XX Psusennes I becomes Pharaoah of Egypt.

1046 B.C.
-1046 XX XX WAR The Battle of Muye (牧野之戰)
-1046 XX XX 周武王 (Zhou Wu Wang) becomes the first King of China’s Zhou Dynasty.
-1046 XX XX Marduk-zer-X becomes King of Babylon.

1042 B.C.
-1042 XX XX 周成王 (Zhou Cheng Wang) becomes King of China.

1033 B.C.
-1033 XX XX Nabu-šum-libur becomes King of Babylon.

1031 B.C.
-1031 XX XX Rothechtaid Rotha becomes High King of Ireland.
-1031 XX XX Shalmaneser II becomes King of Assyria.

1030 B.C.
-1030 XX XX 공정왕 (Gongjeong) becomes a King of Gojoseon.

1026 B.C.
-1026 XX XX Subhala becomes King of Magadha.

1025 B.C.
-1025 XX XX Simbar-šipak becomes King of Babylon.

1024 B.C.
-1024 XX XX Elim Olfínechta becomes High King of Ireland.

1023 B.C.
-1023 XX XX Gíallchad becomes High King of Ireland.

1021 B.C.
-1021 XX XX 周康王 (Zhou Kang Wang) becomes King of China.
-1021 XX XX I Sam 10 HOLY BIBLE שאול בן־קיש (Shaul ben Qish) becomes king of Israel.
I Sam 11 HOLY BIBLE Saul defeats the Ammonites.
I Sam 12 HOLY BIBLE Samuel’s farewell speech to Israel

1019 B.C.
-1019 XX XX Ashur-nirari IV becomes King of Assyria.
-1019 XX XX I Sam 13 HOLY BIBLE Saul wars against Philistines, rebuked by Samuel

101X B.C.
I Sam 14 HOLY BIBLE Jonathan attacks the Philistines
I Sam 15 HOLY BIBLE War against Amalekites, God rejects Saul as king
I Sam 16 HOLY BIBLE Samuel meets David in Bethlehem.
I Sam 17 HOLY BIBLE David and Goliath
GIANT KILLER (1928) Elmer Davis
I Sam 18 HOLY BIBLE David slays 200 Philistines, weds Michal.
I Sam 19:1-11 HOLY BIBLE Saul seeks to kill David.
Ps 59 HOLY BIBLE David's prayer when Saul sent men to his house to kill him
I Sam 19:12-24 HOLY BIBLE Michal helps David escape.
I Sam 20 HOLY BIBLE Jonathan learns of Saul’s intention to kill David.
I Sam 21 HOLY BIBLE David flees to Ahimelech
I Sam 22 HOLY BIBLE David hides in a cave, and then a forest.
Ps 52 HOLY BIBLE David laments of the depravity of man.
I Sam 23:1-18 HOLY BIBLE Saul pursues David
Ps 63 HOLY BIBLE Song of desire for God
I Sam 23:19-26 HOLY BIBLE Ziphites help Saul find David.
Ps 54 HOLY BIBLE David's prayer when the Ziphites betrayed him to Saul
I Sam 27-29 HOLY BIBLE Philistines attack Israel, Saul stops pursuing David.
Ps 57 HOLY BIBLE David's prayer when he fled from Saul into the cave
Ps 142 HOLY BIBLE Prayer of David when he hid in a cave
I Sam 24 HOLY BIBLE Saul catches up to David, David spares Saul’s life.
I Sam 25 HOLY BIBLE The death of Samuel
I Sam 26 HOLY BIBLE David spares Saul’s life a second time.
I Sam 27:1-7 HOLY BIBLE David resides amongst the Philistines
Ps 56 HOLY BIBLE David seeks mercy, trusts in and praises the Lord, and thanks him for deliverance.
I Sam 27:8-12 HOLY BIBLE David invades Geshurites, Gezrites, and Amalekites.
I Sam 28 HOLY BIBLE Saul consults a witch to talk to Samuel.
I Sam 29 HOLY BIBLE The Philistines send David and his men away.
I Sam 30 HOLY BIBLE David battles the Amalekites at Ziklag.

1014 B.C.
-1014 XX XX Art Imlech becomes High King of Ireland.

1013 B.C.
-1013 XX XX Ashur-rabi II becomes King of Assyria.

1012 B.C.
-1012 XX XX Archippus becomes Archon of Athens.

1008 B.C.
-1008 XX XX Ea-mukin-šumi becomes King of Babylon.
-1008 XX XX Kaššu-nadin becomes King of Babylon.

1004 B.C.
-1004 XX XX Sunita becomes King of Magadha.
-1004 XX XX Eulma-šakin-šumi becomes King of Babylon.

1002 B.C.
-1002 XX XX Nuadu Finn Fáil becomes High King of Ireland.

1001 B.C.
-1001 XX XX Amenemope becomes Pharaoah of Egypt.


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