1800 B.C.
-1800 XX XX Gobul becomes King of Gojoseon.
-1800 XX XX Beginning of the Nordic Bronze Age in the periodization system devised by Oscar Montelius
-18XX XX XX Early Unetice culture, beginning of the Bronze Age in Central Europe
-18XX XX XX Minoan civilization: phase II of the Middle period (MM II).
-18XX XX XX Pyramids and temples in terraces, Las Haldas, Peru.
-18XX XX XX Separation of the Aryan tribes and Iranians.
-1800 XX XX The city of Diniktum is established.

1792 B.C.
-1792 XX XX Hammurabi becomes the first king of the Babylonian Empire.

1787 B.C.
-1787 XX XX WAR Amorite conquests of Uruk and Isin begin.

1784 B.C.
-1784 XX XX WAR Amorite conquests of Uruk and Isin end.

1771 B.C.
-1771 XX XX Beoreum becomes King of Gojoseon.

1770 B.C.
-1770 XX XX Babylon, capital of Babylonia becomes the largest city of the world, taking the lead from Thebes, capital of Egypt.

1766 B.C.
-1766 XX XX WAR Shang conquest of Xia Dynasty. China

1764 B.C.
-1764 XX XX WAR Wars of Hammurabi begin.
-1764 XX XX Gen 11:19 HOLY BIBLE Peleg dies.

1763 B.C.
-1763 XX XX Gen 11:25 HOLY BIBLE Nahor (Sr.) dies

1759 B.C.
-1759 XX XX WAR Mari sacked by Hammurabi

1754 B.C.
-1754 XX XX 5902 MYST Four new Ages announced to replace Ages using outsiders.

1753 B.C.
-1753 XX XX Gen 9:28-29 HOLY BIBLE Noah dies
-1753 XX XX 5903 MYST Construction of Lanaren residential district completed.

1750 B.C.
-1750 XX XX WAR Hyksos occupation of Northern Egypt
-1750 XX XX A colossal volcanic eruption at Mount Veniaminof, Alaska
-1750 XX XX WAR Wars of Hammurabi end.
-175X XX XX Gen 11:27-31 HOLY BIBLE Abram and family leave Ur

1749 B.C.
-1749 XX XX WAR Mesopotamian Rebellions begin.

1738 B.C.
-1738 XX XX Wina becomes King of Gojoseon.

1737 B.C.
-1737 XX XX Gen 12 HOLY BIBLE God calls Abram and Lot to Egypt
Abr 3:1-22 BOOK OF MORMON Abraham 3:1-22

1736 B.C.
-1736 XX XX Gen 13 HOLY BIBLE Abram and Lot leave Egypt and separate
XXXX XX XX Gen 14 HOLY BIBLE Lot captured during war and rescued by Abram
XXXX XX XX Gen 15 HOLY BIBLE God promises Abram a son and countless descendants

1734 B.C.
-1734 XX XX Gen 11:21 HOLY BIBLE Reu dies.

1726 B.C.
-1726 XX XX Gen 16
I Chr 1:28b

1720 B.C.
-1720 XX XX Yeoeul becomes King of Gojoseon.

1713 B.C.
-1713 XX XX Gen 17 HOLY BIBLE God promises Canaan to Abraham and Sarah’s descendants
-1713 XX XX Gen 18 HOLY BIBLE Angels Visit Abraham and go to judge Sodom
-1713 XX XX Gen 19 HOLY BIBLE God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah but saves Lot’s family
-1713 XX XX Gen 20 HOLY BIBLE Sarah and Abimelech

1712 B.C.
-1712 XX XX Gen 21
Gen 25:19
I Chr 1:28a
I Chr 1:34a
Mat 2:1a
-1712 XX XX WAR Mesopotamian Rebellions end.

1711 B.C.
-1711 XX XX Gen 11:23 HOLY BIBLE Serug dies.

XXXX XX XX Gen 22 HOLY BIBLE God tests Abraham to sacrifice Isaac

1705 B.C.
-1705 XX XX Egypt’s Fourteenth Dynasty begins.


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