0001 XX XX 3 Nephi 1:1-8
0001 XX XX Luke 1:1-4 Prologue to the Gospel
0001 XX XX Luke 1:5-25 Birth of John the Baptist foretold.
0001 XX XX Luke 1:26-56 Jesus’ birth foretold, Mary visits Elisabeth.
0001 XX XX Luke 1:57-80 John the Baptist is born.
0001 XX XX Matthew 1:18-25
Luke 2:1-20
Jesus Chist is born.
0001 XX XX Matthew 2:1-12 Visit of the wisemen
0001 XX XX Luke 2:21-40 Circumcision of Jesus.
0001 XX XX Matthew 2:13-23 Flight into Egypt
0001 XX XX Saul is born in Tarsus, in Cilicia, Asia Minor.
0001 XX XX 3 Nephi 1:22-25


0002 XX XX 3 Nephi 1:26


0003 XX XX 3 Nephi 1:27-30


0004 XX XX Boy in the Temple, part 2


0005 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:1-4


0006 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:4


0007 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:4


0008 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:4


0009 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:5-9


0010 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:10


0011 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:10


0012 XX XX Luke 2:41-52 Jesus at age 12


0013 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:11-16


0014 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:17
0014 XX XX STAR TREK The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.


0015 XX XX 3 Nephi 2:17-19


0016 XX XX 3 Nephi 3:1-21


0017 XX XX 3 Nephi 3:22-26


0018 XX XX 3 Nephi 4:1-4


0019 XX XX 3 Nephi 4:5-15


0020 XX XX 3 Nephi 4:15


0021 XX XX 3 Nephi 4:16-33
0021 XX XX 3 Nephi 5:1-6


0022 XX XX 3 Nephi 5:7


0023 XX XX 3 Nephi 5:7


0024 XX XX 3 Nephi 5:7


0025 XX XX 3 Nephi 5:7-26


0026 XX XX 3 Nephi 6:1-4


0027 XX XX 3 Nephi 6:4


0028 XX XX 3 Nephi 6:5-9


0029 XX XX 3 Nephi 6:10-13


0030 XX XX 3 Nephi 6:14-30
0030 XX XX 3 Nephi 7:1-13
Mattew 3:1-12
Mark 1:1-8
Luke 3:1-18
John 1:19-34
Ministry of John the Baptist
Luke 3:19-20 John’s imprisonment
Matthew 3:13-17
Mark 1:9-11
Luke 3:21-22
Baptism of Jesus
Matthew 1:1-17
Luke 3:23-38
The genealogy of Jesus
Matthew 4:1-11
Mark 1:12-13
Luke 4:1-13
Temptation of Jesus
John 2:1-12 Jesus’ first miracle (water made wine)
John 2:13-25 Jesus cleanses the temple during the Passover
John 3:1-21 Nicodemus visits Jesus at night
John 3:22—4:3 Jesus remains in Judea
John 4:4-42 The woman of Samaria
Matthew 4:12-17
Mark 1:14-15
Luke 4:14-15
John 4:43-45
Jesus begins preaching in Galilee
Luke 4:16-30 Jesus’ first rejection at Nazareth
Matthew 4:18-22
Mark 1:16-20
Luke 5:1-11
John 1:35-41
Miraculous catch of fish; the call of the first disciples
Matthew 7:28-29
Mark 1:21-28
Luke 4:31-37
John 7:46
Jesus in the synagogue at Capernaum; heals a demoniac
Matthew 8:14-17
Mark 1:29-34
Luke 4:38-41
Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law and others
Mark 1:35-38
Luke 4:42-43
Jesus departs from Capernaum
Matthew 4:23-25
Mark 1:39
Luke 4:44
A preaching journey in Galilee
Matthew 5:1-2
Luke 6:20
Sermon on the Mount: Introduction
Matthew 5:3-12
Luke 6:20-23
Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes
Luke 6:24-26 Sermon on the Mount: The Woes
Matthew 5:13-16
Mark 9:50
Luke 11:33-36
Luke 14:34-354
Sermon on the Mount: The Parables of Salt and of Light
Matthew 5:17-20
Luke 16:16-17
Sermon on the Mount: On the Law
Matthew 5:21-26
Luke 12:57-59
Sermon on the Mount: On Murder
Matthew 5:27-30 Sermon on the Mount: On Adultery and Lust
Matthew 5:31-32
Luke 16:18
Sermon on the Mount: On Divorce
Matthew 5:33-42
Luke 6:29-30
Sermon on the Mount: On Swearing; On Reliation
Matthew 5:43-48
Luke 6:27-28, 32-36
Sermon on the Mount: On Love of One’s Enemies
Sermon on the Mount, part 12: On Almsgiving; On Prayer
Sermon on the Mount, part 13: The Lord’s Prayer
Sermon on the Mount, part 14: On Fasting; On Treasures
Sermon on the Mount, part 15: The Sound Eye
Sermon on the Mount, part 16: On Serving Two Masters
Sermon on the Mount, part 17: On Anxiety
Sermon on the Mount, part 18: On Judging
Sermon on the Mount, part 19: On Profaning the Holy
Sermon on the Mount, part 20: God’s Answering of Prayer
Sermon on the Mount, part 21: The Golden Rule
Sermon on the Mount, part 22: The Narrow Gate
Sermon on the Mount, part 23: The Test of a Good Man
Sermon on the Mount, part 24: Warning against self-deception
Sermon on the Mount, part 25: Hearers and Doers of the Word
Sermon on the Mount, part 26: The End of the Sermon
Healing of the leper
Sermon on the Mount, part 27
The healing of the widow’s son in Nain
The nature of discipleship
Through the Roof, part 1
Through the Roof, part 2/One Man’s Answer, part 1
The question about fasting
Jesus heals the man at Bethzatha in Jerualem; the testimony to Jesus
Two blind men healed
The healing of the dumb demoniac
Sermon on the Mount, part 1
The fate of the disciples
Exhortation to fearless confession
Division in households
Conditions of discipleship
End of the discourse to the disciples
John’s question to Jesus
Jesus’ words about John
Woes on the cities of Galilee
Jesus’ thansgiving to the Father
Comfort for the heavy laden
Plucking ears of grain on the sabbath
One Man’s Answer, part 2
Jesus heals the multitudes
Sermon on the Mount, part 1
The Man in the tree, part 2
The ministering women
Accusations against Jesus; a house divided
Against seeking for signs.
The return of the evil spirit
Jesus’ true relatives
Sermon on the Mount, part 28
Sermon on the Mount, part 29/Mad Man by the sea, part 1
Mad Man by the Sea, part 2
Mad Man by the Sea, part 3/A womans faith/The Mocking Crowd, part 1
Jesus is again rejected at Nazareth
The Mocking Crowd, part 2
Herod thinks Jesus is John, risen
The death of John
The Mocking Crowd, part 3/No Earthly Throne part 1
No Earthly Throne, part 2/Miracle on the Sea, part 1
Miracle on the Sea, part 3
Miracle on the Sea, part 2
Miracle on the Sea, part 4
The Syrophoenician woman
Healing of many; healing of deaf mute
The feeding of the 4,000
The Pharisees seek a sign
A discourse on leaven
The blind man at Bethsaida
Miracle on the Sea, part 5
Mircale on the Sea, part 6
Miracle on the Sea, part 7/A Boy—and His Father’s Faith, part 1
The coming of Elijah
A Boy—and His Father’s Faith, part 2
The second prediction of the Passion
The temple tax
A Boy—and His Father’s Faith, part 3/ Seventy times Seven, part 1
The strange exorcist
On temptation
Concerning salt
The Lost Sheep
On reproving one’s brother
On reconciliation
The parable of the unmerciful servant
Seventy Times Seven, part 2
A woman taken in adultery is brought before Jesus
Seventy Times Seven, part 3
A Jerusalem Beggar Meets the Son of God, part 1
A Jerusalem Beggar Meets the Son of God, part 2
The Samaritan villagers
The nature of discipleship
The sending out of the seventy
The return of the seventy
Jesus’ gratitude to the Father
The blessedness of the disciples
A Jerusalem Beggar Meets the Son of God, part 3/Four Travelers to Jericho, part 1
Four Travelers to Jericho, part 2
Four Travelers to Jericho, part 3/The Lord’s Prayer, part 1
The Lord’s Prayer, part 2
The friend at midnight
The answer to prayer
The Beelzebul controversy
The blessedness of Jesus’ mother
The sign for this generation
Concerning Light
Discourse against the Pharisees
Exhortation to fearless confession
The parable of the rich fool
Cares about earthly things
Watchfulness and faithfulness
The servant’s wages
Interpreting the present time
Agreement with one’s accuser
Repentance or destruction
Healing of the woman with a spirit of infirmity
Parables of the mustard seed, of the leaven
Exclusion from the kingdom
The departure from Galilee
The lament over Jarusalem
The healing of a man with dropsy
Teaching on humility
The parable of the great supper
The cost of discipleship
The lost sheep and the lost coin
The Lord’s Prayer, part 2/The Prodigals’ Return, part 1
The unjust steward
The hypocrisy of the Pharisees
About the law and about divorce
The rich man and Lazarus
On causing sin
On forgiveness
On faith
The servant’s wages
The healing of ten lepers
On the kingdom of God
The day of the Son of man
The parable of the unjust judge
The parable of the Pharisee and the publican
Marriage and divorce
Called from the Tomb, part 3
Called from the Tomb, part 4
The parable of the laborers in the vineyard
The third prediction of the Passion
Jesus and the sons of Zebedee
The Healing of Bartim\E6us
Called from the Tomb, part 5/Man in the Tree, part 1
The parable of the pounds


0033 XX XX Man in the Tree, part 3/Triumphal Entry, part 1
Jesus keeps the feast of Dedication at Jerusalem
The Prodigal’s Return, part 2/ Called from the Tomb, part 1
Called from the Tomb, part 2
Jesus at Ephraim; the coming of the Passover
The cursing of the fig tree
Triumphal Entry, part 2
The meaning of the withered fig tree
The question about authority
The parable of the two sons
The parable of the wicked tenants
The parable of the marriage feast
Triumphal Entry, part 4/The Great Commandment, part 1
Question concerning the resurrection
The Great Commandment, part 2
About David’s Son
Woes against the Pharisees
The Lament over Jerusalem
The Great Commandment, part 3
Prediction of the destruction of the temple
The signs of the parousia
The beginning of the troubles
The desolating sacrilege
The culmination of the troubles
The day of the Son of man
The parousia of the Son of man
The parable of the fig tree
The time of parousia
Mark’s ending to the discourse
Luke’s ending to the discourse
The need for watchfulness
Watchfulness and faithfulness
The parable of the ten maidens
The parable of the talents
The last judgement
A summary of the days spent in Jerusalem
The conspiracy against Jesus
Man in the Tree, part 2
The Great Commandment, part 4
Secretly—in an Upper Room, part 1
The Day Christ Died
Secretly—in an Upper Room, part 2
Secretly—in an Upper Room, part 3
The Lord’s Supper, part 1
The Lord’s Supper, part 2
The Lord’s Supper, part 3
The Lord’s Supper, part 4
The Lord’s Supper, part 5
The Lord’s Supper, part 6
Tried—and Denied! part 1
Tried—and Denied! part 2
The death of Judas
Tried—and Denied! part 3/Condemned to Die, part 1
Jesus before Herod
Condemned to Die, part 2
Condemned to Die, part 3
Condemned to Die, part 4/A King is Crucified
A King is Crucified, part 2/The Sealed Tomb, part 1
3 Nephi 8
The sealed Tomb, part 2
3 Nephi 9, 10
The Lord Is Risen, part 1
The Lord Has Risen, part 2
The Lord Has Risen, part 3
The Lord Has Risen, part 4/Behind Locked Doors, part 1
Behind Locked Doors, part 2
Behind Locked doors, part 3/The Last Command, part 1
The Last Command, part 2
The Last Command, part 3
The Last Command, part 4
The disciples go out into the world to preach
John’s conclusion to the gospel
Acts 1 Jesus ascends to Heaven
3 Nephi 11
3 Nephi 12
3 Nephi 13
3 Nephi 14
3 Nephi 15
3 Nephi 16
3 Nephi 17
3 Nephi 18
3 Nephi 19
3 Nephi 20
3 Nephi 21
3 Nephi 22
3 Nephi 23
3 Nephi 24
3 Nephi 25
3 Nephi 26
3 Nephi 27
3 Nephi 28
3 Nephi 29
3 Nephi 30
XXXX XX XX Acts 2 Pentecost
XXXX XX XX Acts 3 Peter heals a lame man
XXXX XX XX Acts 4 Peter and John appear beforee Annis and Caiaphas
XXXX XX XX Acts 5 Apostles released from prison by an angel
XXXX XX XX Acts 6 Stephen’s arrest
XXXX XX XX Acts 7 Stephen stoned to death
XXXX XX XX Acts 8 Simon, the Magician / On The Gaza Road
XXXX XX XX Acts 9 A Light and a Voice / Mission to Joppa
XXXX XX XX Acts 10 God, a Roman, and a Jew
XXXX XX XX Acts 11 Angel—Open Gate, part 1


0035 XX XX


0036 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:1-3


0037 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:4-5
0037 XX XX Joseph ben Matthias born


0044 XX XX Acts 12 Angel—Open Gate, part 2 / Fall of a Tyrant


0046 XX XX Acts 13 The Enemy Strikes
0046 XX XX Acts 14 Miracle in Lystra / Storm Warning


0047 XX XX James 1
0047 XX XX James 2
0047 XX XX James 3
0047 XX XX James 4


0048 XX XX Acts 15:1-13 Council in Jerusalem, part 1
0048 XX XX Galatians 1 Council in Jerusalem, part 2
0048 XX XX Galatians 2 Council in Jerusalem, part 3
0048 XX XX Galatians 3 Council in Jarusalem, part 4
0048 XX XX Galatians 4 Council in Jerusalem, part 5
0048 XX XX Galatians 5 Council in Jerusalem, part 6
0048 XX XX Galatians 6 Council in Jerusalem, part 7
0048 XX XX Acts 15:13-41 Second Journey, part 1
0048 XX XX Roman legions invade Wales. They will conquer the country in the next 30 years while Roman engineers construct a great network of British roads.


0049 XX XX Acts 16 Second Jourmey, part 2/Call From Across the Sea/Earthquake/Out of Trouble...Into Trouble, part 1


0050 XX XX Acts 17 Out of Trouble . . . Into Trouble, part 2/Paul Explains the “Unknown God”, part 1
0050 XX XX Cologne has its beginnings in the town of Colonia Agrippina, built on the left bank of the Rhine at the site of Oppidum Ubiorum, chief town of the Ubii. The Roman emperor Claudius fortifies the town at the request of his niece and bride Agrippina, 35, who was born in the place.


>0051 XX XX


0052 XX XX Acts 18:1-12 Paul Explains the “Unknown God”, part 2
0051 XX XX 1 Thessalonians Paul Explains the “Unknown God”, part 3
0051 XX XX 2 Thessalonians Paul Explains the “Unknown God”, part 4


0053 XX XX Acts 18:13-28 Talk of the Town, part 1
0053 XX XX Acts 19:1-20 Talk of the Town, part 2/The Angry Mob/Riot In Ephesus, part 1


0054 XX XX 1 Corinthians The Angry Mob, part 2
0054 XX XX Acts 19:21-41 The Angry Mob, part 3/Riot in Ephesus, part 1/Ephesus
0054 10 13 The Roman emperor Claudius.


0055 XX XX De Materia Medica Pedanios Dioscorides.


0057 XX XX 2 Corinthians Riot in Ephesus, part 2
0057 XX XX Acts 20 Bound—Hand and Foot, part 1
0057 XX XX Acts 21 Bound—Hand and Foot, part 2/A Boy and a Secret, part 1
0057 XX XX Acts 22 A Boy and a Secret, part 2
0057 XX XX Acts 23 A Boy and a Secret, part 3/Paul Pleads His Case, part 1
0057 XX XX Acts 24 Paul Pleads His case, part 2


0058 XX XX


0059 XX XX Acts 25 Paul Pleads His Case, part 3
0059 XX XX Acts 26 Paul Pleads His Case, part 4
0059 XX XX Acts 27 Paul Pleads His Case, part 5
0059 XX XX Acts 28 Paul Pleads His Case, part 6


0060 XX XX Philippians Apostle on the March, part ?
0060 XX XX Festus succeeds Felix as procurator of Judea and holds a new trial for the apostle Paul, who makes an “appeal unto Caesar” in the presence of Herod Agrippa II.
0060 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:6-13




0062 XX XX Ephesians 1
0062 XX XX Ephesians 2
0062 XX XX Ephesians 3
0062 XX XX Ephesians 4
0062 XX XX Ephesians 5
0062 XX XX Ephesians 6
0062 XX XX Hebrews 1
0062 XX XX Hebrews 2
0062 XX XX Hebrews 3
0062 XX XX Hebrews 4
0062 XX XX Hebrews 5
0062 XX XX Hebrews 6
0062 XX XX Roman authorities permit the apostle Paul to live in Rome but keep him under house arrest. Albinus succeeds Festus as procurator of Judea, and the Romans permit Paul to resume his travels.


0063 XX XX St. James executed.


0064 XX XX Titus 1
0064 XX XX Titus 2
0064 XX XX Titus 3
0064 XX XX I Timothy 1
0064 XX XX I Timothy 2
0064 XX XX I Timothy 3
0064 XX XX I Timothy 4
0064 XX XX I Timothy 5
0064 XX XX I Timothy 6
0064 XX XX II Timothy 1
0064 XX XX II Timothy 2
0064 XX XX II Timothy 3
0064 XX XX II Timothy 4
0064 XX XX I Peter 1
0064 XX XX I Peter 2
0064 XX XX I Peter 3
0064 XX XX I Peter 4
0064 XX XX I Peter 5
0064 XX XX Persecution of Christians begins at Rome.
0064 XX XX The Burning of Rome
0064 XX XX Soldier Victorious


0065 XX XX The Gospel according to St. Mark is written.
0065 XX XX Martyrdom of Peter


0066 XX XX The Jewish War Josephus


0067 06 29 The Christian apostle Paul is executed.




0080 XX XX The Colosseum is dedicated at Rome by the emperor Titus.


0100 XX XX



0101 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:14-17


0111 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:18-19


0150 XX XX


0184 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:20-21


0192 12 31 Lucius Aurelius Commodus Emperor of Rome (180-192), murdered at age 31.


0200 XX XX



0201 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:22-26


0210 XX XX The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.


0211 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:27-34


0212 XX XX The planet Ketira is destroyed by war. The inhabitants are scattered throughout the galaxy.


0231 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:35-39


0245 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:40-41


0261 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:42-44


0267 XX XX The great philosopher Surak leads the Vulcan people on the path toward logic and peace.


0280 XX XX St. Nicholas was born in the town of Patras in what is now called Turkey.


0300 XX XX



0301 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:45-46


0306 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:47


0321 XX XX 4 Nephi 1:48-49


0322 XX XX Mormon 1


0331 XX XX Mormon 2


0350 XX XX The Kingdom of Kush is dissolved.


0362 XX XX Mormon 3


0363 XX XX Mormon 4


0380 XX XX Mormon 5


0385 XX XX The Words of Mormon
0385 XX XX Mormon 6


0400 XX XX



0401 XX XX Mormon 8


0406 12 31 80,000 Vandels attack the Rhine at Mainz
0406 12 31 Godagisel king of the Vandals, dies in battle.
0406 XX XX The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.


0421 XX XX Moroni 10


0450 XX XX


0451 XX XX Atilla the Hun


0475 XX XX


0493 03 15 Theodorik the Great beats Odoaker of Italy.


0500 XX XX



0501 XX XX


0525 XX XX


0550 XX XX


0575 XX XX


0568 XX XX Avars vs. Byzantines


0600 XX XX Britons vs. Saxons



0602 XX XX The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.


0610 XX XX The prophet Mohammed at Mecca begins secretly to preach a new religion, to be called Islam.


0625 XX XX


0650 XX XX


0675 XX XX


0700 XX XX



0701 XX XX


0711 XX XX Arabs vs. Spain


0725 XX XX


0732 XX XX Franks vs. Moors


0750 XX XX


0752 03 15 St. Zachary ends his reign as Catholic pope.


0766 XX XX An individual of the Metron civilization was born.


0772 12 01 Pope Adrian I elected.


0787 02 XX WAR Charlemagne vs. Duchy of Benevento
0787 08 10 Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi is born in Balkh, Khurasan.
0787 08 26 Arechis II of Benevento dies.
0787 09 24 Second Council of Nicaea First session
0787 10 13 Second Council of Nicaea Seventh session
0787 XX XX Conall mac Taidg becomes King of the Picts.
0787 XX XX The Kingdom of Hereti is established.
0787 XX XX Mount Vesuvius erupts


0788 09 XX WAR Battle of Kopidnadon
0788 XX XX إدريس بن عبدالله (Idris ibn Abdullah) is the first ruler of the Idrisid dynasty of Morocco.
0788 XX XX Adalgis, prince of the Lombards, dies.
0788 XX XX Bermudo I becomes King of Asturias.
0788 XX XX 馬祖道一 (Mazu Daoyi), Chinese Zen Buddhist monk, dies.
0788 XX XX Áed Oirdnide becomes King of Ailech.
0788 XX XX Osred II becomes King of Northumbria.
0788 XX XX Abd al-Rahman I, founder of the Spanish Umayyad dynasty, dies.
0788 XX XX هشام بن عبد الرحمن الداخل (Hisham Al-Reda) becomes Emir of Córdoba.
0788 XX XX Adi Shankara, Hindu philosopher, is born in Kaladi, Chera Kingdom.
0788 XX XX WAR Charlemagne conquers Bavaria.


0794 XX XX Warring factions on Areta unleashed a nuclear holocost that devastated large areas of its surface.


0798 XX XX Caradog ap Meirion, King of Gwynedd, dies; Cynan ap Rhodri becomes King.
0798 XX XX Bahlul Ibn Marzuq, revolts in Zaragoza against the government of Al-Andalus.
0798 XX XX Borrell I becomes the first count of Cerdanya and Urgell.
0798 XX XX 呂洞賓 (Lü Dongbin), Taoist scholar, is born.
0798 XX XX 盧邁 (Lu Mai), former chancellor of the Tang Dynasty, dies.
0798 XX XX Sigeric, King of Essex abdicates; Sigered becomes king.
0798 XX XX STAR TREK The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.
0798 XX XX Theodulf becomes Bishop of Orléans.
0798 XX XX WAR Coenwulf of Mercia invades Kent.
0798 XX XX Cuðred is appointed king of Kent.
0798 XX XX WAR Saxon Wars: Battle of Bornhöved Obotrites defeats Saxons.
0798 XX XX WAR Alfonso II sacks Lisbon.
0798 XX XX 원성 (Wonseong), King of Silla, dies; 소성 (Soseong) becomes king.
0798 XX XX أبو يوسف‎ (Abu Yusuf), Muslim jurist, dies.


0800 XX XX



0801 XX XX


0825 XX XX


0829 XX XX WAR Egbert of Wessex conquers Mercia and is recognized as Bretwalda.
0829 XX XX WAR Saracens ravage the coast of Dalmatia.
0829 XX XX The city of Wiesbaden is first mentioned.
0829 XX XX The synod of Mainz is held.
0829 XX XX WAR Bulgarians conquer Slavonia.
0829 XX XX Croats are not under Frankish rule anymore.
0829 XX XX Theophilus becomes emperor of Byzantium.
0829 XX XX WAR Battle of Thasos Cretan Saracens defeat a Byzantine fleet.
0829 XX XX The Nile freezes over.
0829 XX XX WAR The Bai kingdom of Nanzhao captures the city of Chengdu in Sichuan province, China.
0829 XX XX Ansgar is appointed missionary to Sweden by Louis the Pious, at the request of the Swedish king Björn at Hauge.


0850 XX XX


0865 11 XX WAR The Great Viking Army invades East Anglia.
0865 XX XX Æthelred becomes king of Wessex and king of Kent.
0865 XX XX Bernard II becomes Count of Barcelona, Count of Girona, Prince of Gothia and Septimania.
0865 XX XX Gauzfrid becomes Count of Maine.
0865 XX XX Louis the German divides his kingdom among his sons.
0865 XX XX Lothair, threatened with excommunication, takes back his first wife, Theutberga.
0865 XX XX Bulgaria converts to Orthodox Church.
0865 XX XX A Russian expedition for the first time threatens Constantinople.


0866 04 21 Bardas, Byzantine nobleman, is murdered by Basil I.
0866 05 27 Alfonso III becomes King of Asturias.
0866 08 XX Responsa Nicolai ad consulta Bulgarorum Pope Nicholas I
0866 09 19 Leo VI is born in Constantinople.
0866 11 XX WAR The Great Viking Army conquers York.
0866 XX XX Bagsecg becomes King of Denmark.
0866 XX XX Bernard II becomes Count of Poitiers.
0866 XX XX Bruno becomes Duke of Saxony.
0866 XX XX Docibilis I becomes Hypatus of Gaeta.
0866 XX XX Hugh the Abbot becomes Count of Auxerre, and Count of Tours.
0866 XX XX Louis the Stammerer becomes King of the Kingdom of Aquitaine.
0866 XX XX Odo becomes Count of West Francia.
0866 XX XX Odo I becomes Count of Troyes.
0866 XX XX Ranulf II becomes Duke of the Duchy of Aquitaine.
0866 XX XX Wulgrin I becomes Count of Angoulême, and Count of Périgord.
0866 XX XX 临济义玄 dies.
0866 XX XX WAR Louis II defeats Saracen invaders in southern Italy.
0866 XX XX WAR Harald Fairhair begins his conquest of Norway.


0867 03 21 WAR Kings Ælla and Osberht of Northumbria are killed in battle.
0867 03 31 唐昭宗 (Tang Zhaozong), future Emperor of China, is born 李傑 (Li Jie).
0867 05 05 宇多 (Uda), future Emperor of Japan is born 定省 (Sadami).
0867 09 23 Michael III, Byzantine emperor, is assassinated.
0867 09 24 Basil I becomes Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, beginning the Macedonian dynasty.
0867 09 XX Photios I of Constantinople is deposed as Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
0867 10 10 李嗣源 (Li Siyuan), future Emperor of China, is born 邈佶烈 (Miaojilie).
0867 11 13 Pope Nicholas I dies.
0867 11 23 Patriarch Ignatius of Constantinople is reinstated as Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
0867 12 14 Adrian II is elected Pope.
0867 12 16 Eberhard of Friuli dies.
0867 XX XX Hugh becomes Duke of Alsace.
0867 XX XX Aznar Galíndez II becomes Count of Aragon.
0867 XX XX 진훤 (Gyeon Hwon), future founder of the Hubaekje kingdom, is born.
0867 XX XX Kassia, Byzantine abbess, poet, composer, and hymnographer, dies.
0867 XX XX Theodora, Byzantine Empress, dies.


0868 05 11 金剛般若波羅蜜多經 (Diamond Sutra)
0868 07 01 علي الهادي النقي (‘Alī al-Hādī) dies.
0868 12 XX الجاحظ (Al-Jahiz) dies.
0868 XX XX WAR Conquest of the city of Porto, leading to the establishment of the County of Portucale (Portugal).
0868 XX XX Vímara Peres becomes Count of Portugal.
0868 XX XX أحمد بن طولون (Ahmad ibn Tulun) becomes Emir of Egypt, founding the Tulunid dynasty.
0868 XX XX WAR Aghlabids invade Malta.
0868 XX XX WAR Battle of Cell Ua nDaigri (Killineery): Áed Findliath defeats invading Danes and Norwegians.
0868 XX XX WAR Ibn Marwan rebels against Emir Muhammad I of Córdoba.
0868 XX XX Charles the Bald and Louis the German agree to a partition of Lotharingia.
0868 XX XX Alfred the Great marries Ealhswith.
0868 XX XX WAR Vikings invade Mercia.
0868 XX XX 최언위 (Choe Eon-wui) born.
0868 XX XX Théodrate of Troyes born.
0868 XX XX Bugha al-Sharabi is executed.


0869 02 14 Saint Cyril dies.
0869 07 29 حجت بن الحسن المهدي (Hujjat ibn al-Ḥasan al-Mahdī) born.
0869 08 08 Lothair II dies.
0869 10 05 Fourth Council of Constantinople begins.
0869 11 20 Oswald becomes King of East Anglia.
0869 XX XX Ailill mac Dúnlainge becomes List of kings of Leinster of Leinster.
0869 XX XX Jogan Sanriku earthquake.
0869 XX XX WAR Zanj Rebellion begins.
0869 XX XX WAR Charles the Bald vs. Louis the German at Lotharingia.
0869 XX XX Stela 11 erected at Tikal.
0869 XX XX Repairs are made in Hagia Sophia.
0869 XX XX 陽成天皇 (Yōzei), future Emperor of Japan is born 貞明親王 (Shinnō).
0869 XX XX 鱼玄机 (Yu Xuanji) dies.
0869 XX XX City walls of Dijon, Le Mans, Tours reconstructed.


0870 03 XX Sergius II becomes Duke of Naples.
0870 XX XX Sumbat I becomes Mampali of Tao-Klarjeti.
0870 XX XX Wilbert becomes Archbishop of Cologne.
0870 XX XX Wilfred the Hairy becomes Count of Urgell and Cerdanya.
0870 XX XX Svatopluk I becomes Duke of Great Moravia.
0870 XX XX Bořivoj I becomes Duke of Bohemia.
0870 06 21 المعتمد (Al-Mu'tamid) becomes Caliph of Baghdad.
0870 12 31 Skirmish at Englefield


0875 XX XX


0900 XX XX



0901 XX XX


0925 XX XX


0933 03 15 German King Henry I beats Magyaren at Riade.


0950 XX XX


0975 XX XX


0982 XX XX Monty Python and the Holy Grail


0986 XX XX Ice-free waters enable Norsemen to colonize Greenland.


0987 XX XX Seven Mages converge in Darkmoor, Northern England. They are contacted by Mephisto and exchange their souls for immortality. The seven would form the Mys-Tech organization.


0993 XX XX Hogwarts school is founded.


0994 XX XX Castle Wyvern falls to the Vikings.
0994 XX XX The detonation of Kavis Alpha neutron star.


0997 XX XX A Viking expedition, presumably led by Snorri Karlsefini, uses the Shepherd's Journal to locate Atlantis. A ship perishes to a Leviathan. Others reach the New World instead. Snorri Karlsefini returns to Europe empty-handed. The Journal comes into the possession of the Maya civilization. The Mayas take inspiration for the design of Chichen Itza - Atlantis:The Lost Empire DVD.


1000 XX XX


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